SMS SCAM ALERT—Costco – The annual 2% cashback

SMS SCAM ALERT—Сοѕtcο—The annual 2% cashback on purchases was calculatеd for the past cycle.

A user reported an SMS scam talking about Сοѕtcο—The annual 2% cashback.  We are posting here so that you can be aware of the fraud. Moreover, if, by any chance, you receive a similar alert, please be careful. 

Report information about Сοѕtcο—The annual 2% cashback

“I want to report an SMS scam that I received this morning. When I woke up, I noticed I had a new SMS from the phone number (204) 294-9674. From what I could see, It was about an annual cashback from Costco. Just in case you receive such type of message, I am posting below a print screen with exactly the wordings.” 

webmaster notes about the scam report 

We are providing additional information about what is happening to understand why it is a fraud. 

About Costco

Costco is an American multinational corporation which operates in the form of membership only. If you are in Canada or the USA, you should have probably heard of Costco. There are renowned for the cost of their products and maybe the quality. 

They indeed run promotions from time to time on their website. And it may be easy to fall into the SMS fraud trap. 

What do we take into consideration before confirming that the Сοѕtcο—The annual 2% cashback is a fraud?

The phone number

We couldn’t find the phone number (204) 294-9674 on any Costco website. Moreover, much online information says that (204) 294-9674 is related to scam activity. For example, see a screenshot from the website unknown phone.

We can’t find much information about the 2% cashback.

Apart from the SMS, we can see any reference to the SMS’s discount. Moreover, the SMS requests to send a reply to get more pieces of information. 

The phone marks the SMS as a scam.

Most phones can raise the alarm when an SMS is a Scam. In such cases, you need to be careful. 


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