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We inevitably live in a society where it is relatively complicated to protect ourselves against cybercriminals. Scam radar is a website that provides insight about scams and fraudulent online activities. Get the latest news and defend yourself!

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Standard practices to avoid scam


Don't panic or get emotional

Emotion is the first trick most hackers use to achieve their aims. For instance, they will try to pretend they are your service providers, or something terrible will happen to you. 


Gather information

If you doubt that some tricks are a scam, the primary reaction you should have is to gather information. If, for example, you see a message about a promotion, make sure to do some additional research before any action.


Report or share your experience

We can quickly help each other if we can share our experiences.  The more we share, the more we can learn to avoid similar tricks. The purpose of scam radar is to provide a means to share experiences easily. 

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Raising awareness

Scamming and online fraud are not new, but we can reduce the impact.

Some individuals have constantly tried to trick people or businesses by scamming for decades. The concept exists in various forms, among which we can talk about a targeted scam.

Before the internet outbreak, most scammers would target some vulnerable people and plan for years before striking. They would learn about your family and friends, where you live, what you do during your days, and your strength and weakness. Hence, they would gather enough information about you to make it impossible not to believe them.

Today, we still have more targeted scams. With the outbreak of the internet, it has become worst.   But another way of scamming is to reach out to a list of people to get some of them. In such a case, attackers would assume that you may be interested in gaining extra money.

The government of Canada provides some steps to report a scam case. 

Our approach


We gather information about fraudulent activities in Canada and around the world. Our purpose is to provide all you need to know to avoid scams.


Based on our personal experience and all the information that we have, we will try as much as possible to provide all you need to know to protect yourself. You may not learn all the scamming tricks, but you can avoid falling into the ones you already know.

Working with

In some situations, you may need an expert to guide you. For example, if you get hacked or scammed, a professional can help by providing advice to handle the issue. Scam radar works with professionals in the industry to ensure that you get the help you need. 

Apply best practices

Avoid scamming start by being self-conscious about the danger of not implementing best practices. For example, some of the best practices may be avoiding sending our personal information through any online form or carelessly sharing too much about us with strangers. We raise awareness of good practices in the management of personal data.

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